Things I wish my clients knew

Things I wish my clients knew

Those darn celebrities
Most clients get their inspiration from instagram, facebook, pinterest, red carpets and runways. It is no surprise when a client sit in your chair, pulls out her ipad and show you the look she wants.
Stylist should love it when that happens, because it gives you an idea of what the client has in mind. But 90% of the time, your client does not have realistic expectations. Just because Rihanna can pull off that look, does not mean everybody can. Celebrities choose a look because it will enhance their best features. A hairstyle for the runway, a fashion spread or the red carped, is only part of the package. The hair, the clothes, the make-up and the accesories work together to create that look.
Just the best product is good enough for their celebrity tresses. No store bought product or box color. To get healthy, shiny hair, clients need to use professional products.
Having good hair can be expensive. Not every client can afford expensive brands like Paul Mitchell and Tigi, but for those on a budget, suggest SO or Biosense.
When choosing a hairstyle for your client, always be sure that it complements his or her best features. If you are not convince about the style, be honest. Tell her what you think she should do, and why and avoid dissapointment when the look does not suit her face. Remember a hairdresser should do more than just cut, tint and blowdry. You should dispense advice on how to bring out the best in her hair.

If you want to grow that hair, cut off the ends
Always trim your hair when you want to grow it out. When hair get left, it tend to split upwards, resulting in the locks eventually breaking and falling out. The longer you leave it, the thinner the bottom of your hair will look. Stylists understand this and when asked to cut off the ends, that is exactly what they will do. It needs to be done at least every two months. Hair might take longer to grow out, but it will be healthier in the long run.

You get what you pay for
Lots of women expect their stylist to be cheap, but do a world class job. Yes, you might pay cheap for a cut and color, but the product they use is inferior and the cut will propably come out uneven.
Hairdressing is an expensive business. The layout for a salon is astronomical, then you have to stock it with good quality products. (Salon Formula is an amazing product which can be used at the basin, the shampoo and the conditioner comes in economical 5liter bottles, available to salons at the TPO George).
Good salons plow money into training stylists, researching styles and techniques, knows what is trending and what is cutting edge. You might save money by going to a cheap salon, but it might cost you more in the long run to fix the damage they do.

To retail or not to retail

You will never get that red carpet look with none professional products.  Salon products keep colors vibrant for longer, hair healthy and shiny.  In the long run you would actually save money, because you need less professional product than you would of a store bought product.  Put a little shampoo in your hand, rub it together until it foams to activate and then lather your head.

Frequently store bought products only foam because of all the salt and chemicals that is pumped in.

What’s your story

Propably the most important thing any woman can do is to find a hairdresser she gets along with, who she feels comfortable with and can trust.  Your hairdresser get to know your hair, your color, your style, what you like and dislike.  For a lot of women, their relationship with their stylist is the longest they will ever have, frequently outlasting boyfriends and husbands.

When you go to a new hairdresser tell him the history of your hair.  Just like a GP visit, you need to be honest to get the best results.  Tell him or her if you had box color on your hair, do you have scalp issues, did you have chemical processes on your hair. If you are honest, the end result will be better.  That way they can recommend treatments and products better suited to your hair.

If you are not happy with your hair, get it fixed

When you do not like your hair after being to the salon, do not moan on facebook, twitter or over tea and scones with your friends.  Go back.  Be honest.  Explain what you do not like.  Unhappy customers are bad for business and a good hairdresser understand that.

Always remember, if the stylist has done what you asked for and the style does not suit your face, it is diffirent.  Then you cannot expect the stylist to fix it for free.  Listen to the advice of the stylist.  He or she has the knowledge and the experience and propably has done hundreds of cuts, tints and styles.

Be on time

A hairdresser’s time is money. When you book with a stylist, an appointment is made for how long it will take to do what you want done.  When you turn up late, the stylist run late and is under unnecessary pressure to make up time somewhere or run late with all other clients.

Respect your hairdresser’s time.   Be on time.  And never cancel.

Recommend a good hairdresser

When you love your new style, recommend your hairdresser to friends, on facebook wherever you can.  Hairdressers is one of the professions that relies heavily on word of mouth.  If you have an amazing hairdresser, spread the word.

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