The Funky Man

More and more men are breaking from the crowd, experementing with their own personal style, color, products and style their hair in diffrent ways. The king of male grooming, is propably David Beckham. He made it cool to experiment and to be diffirent, but still be stylish.
Propably the most important is that your client needs to feel comfortable with his style. All of the following styles has been chosen so the stylist can use a combination to create something truly unique.

1. Lucky Blue Smith
This young man is litterally everywhere these days, in adverts, magazines and the runways. What really makes him stand out from the crowd is his white locks. That haircolor is the reason why he is featured on our blog. Not only are men not afraid to break boundaries with their hairstyles, but they go bold with color. Mr modern man use the full array of beauty products to their max, not only hair product like in the old days, but also styling aids like straightners, blow dryers, curling irons and they love to experiment with colors.
With Niophlex, even men with dark hair can get that platinum blonde look without damage to their locks. Niophlex is added to your chemical processes in three stages. The first stage (bonder) creates new bonds, protecting the hair’s inner structure and improves strength and elasticity. The second step is adding an enhancer, which is a nourishing cream combining with the bonds providing moisture and care. The last step is the Maintainer, which can be used at the salon and at home, softening and strenthening the hair, aidsing flexibility and high shine. For more info look on this website under Hair Care, Niophlex.
When you are blonde, bleaching once should be enough to get you to platinum. For clients that are darker, you should do it at least twice. Paul MItchel have bleaches that range from 5 to 40 volume, while Aquerly start at a 10 volume to 40. Bleaching works best on dirty hair. The natural oils on dirty hair, lessen the stinging on the scalp. The color end color you are looking for is a very pale yellow. Also remember, the color of hair change as it dries out or gets blow dried. Wet hair is darker than dry hair.
Remember to retail your client a purple shampoo, like the Biosense silver shampoo. The purple will help neutralize the yellow and give hair that sparkly effect. Do not wait too long to touch up the roots, because then it is really difficult to get the same color and you might end up seeing lines in the hair.

2. The Pompadour
Elvis made this cut a classic in the 50s. Not only is it versatile, but it also suits many faces shapes and types of hair. Brought into the modern age by David Beckham, it has also been worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Zak Efron, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.
When cutting the classic style, the sides and back still need to be clippered, but not too short to expose too much scalp. Tapering around the edges strenthens the overall shape of the haircut, perfect for men with a long beard or who want to emphasis their masculine appeal.
For a more modern cut, clipper the sides with a grade one. Also consider a skin fade, no grade on the clipper, where the base of the haircut begins. Clipper the hair really hight into the curve of the head, keeping more length through the top section.
It is really important to keep the right balance for your client’s face. A client with a rounder face take the sides tighter and more volume on top will help elongate features. A narrow face, keep more length on sides and top slicker and closer to your head.
In the next few weeks, there is some very exciting Babyliss Clippers launching, so keep an eye on our website and our facebook.
Use Bed Hed for Men, Pure Texture to create the look. If you want a glossier look, use Mitch Pommade. When working with strong hold products always start with a little bit, you can rather add more, because if you use too much hair can seem greasy. For extra volume, use your Parlux Hairdryer and push the hair with you fingers into the direction you want the volume. Keep the style in shape with hairspray especially if the top has a lot of length. A really good option is Mediceuticals DRI Aerosol Hairspray, because it is waterless and would not weigh the hair down.

3. Taper Fade
The taper fade is propably one of the hottest hairstyles of 2015. In this version of the undercut, the hair transition to very short or skin. There are various names for the taper fade, depending on who you talk to, the skin fade, bald fade, razor fade or the blurry fade.
The stylist that can do the fade, need mad clipper skills. The results might look easy, but it is quite tricky to clipper. A comb over haircut goes perfect with a taper fade. The top can be long or short, usually combed up, using a product to make hair shiny like Mitch Barber’s Classic. The perfect accompanyment with the taperfade is a hair tatoo.
The high fade tapers down from around the temples, the low fade starts around the ears. The only limitation with this hairstyle, is your imgination. It can also very successfully be combined with a beard.

4. Faux Hawk
Another hairstyle worn by David Beckham, but also sported by the likes of Bradd Pitt, Zack Efron, MIchael Buble and Christiano Renaldo. A great hairstyle for men with thick, coarse hair. The Faux Hawk can be cut in layers, which reduce the weight of the hair, making it easier to style. It can also be styled by using styling products like Tigi Bed Head Texurising Paste.
The cut is longer at the center of the head, shorter at the sides to create a peak. From there the name faux hawk (false mohawk).
A more modern version is to style it forward with a forward fringe. The big advantage of a faux Hawk is flattering to most face shapes and it is easy to style.
5. Hair tatoos
Humans love to use their bodies as a work of art, including the hair. More men (and women), are opting for hair tatoos, which is making patterns on the head using the hair. The coolest thing about hair tatoos, is that when your hair grow longer you can change your tatoo to something else. Tatoos can be done anywhere on the head, the hair just need to be short enough. Most tatoos can also be an accompanyment to most modern styles like the taper fade or the short back and sides.
Hair tatoos can be a unique style statement for men from any age. Patterns range from very intricate, to the very simple, logos and there is even examples of faces. A tatoo that covers all of your head would surely draw attention, while a statement can be made with a discreet tatoo. The very creative also color in the tatoos with facepaint or makeup.
If you want to know more about hair tatoos, SO, Sharplines and BabylissPro are holding an international Conference in PE on 30 September 2015 with the clipper wizard Dennis Joseph who specialise in hair tatoo. Tickets are R250 and available at the TPO George. If you are interested speak to Marius, Neal or Herchell. Babyliss Pro clippers available at the TPO George as well.

6. Short back and sides
This basic haircut is what most of the modern hairstyles have in common. It is reminiscent of the 50s, traditionally more preppy, but modern stylist have adapted the style by playing with the length on top and the styling. Short back and sides, slicked back with a glossy product like Mitch Barber’s Classic is very trendy this year.A lot of the trendiest styles of the season can be pulled off with the right styling products if a clients has a short back and sides cut.
Short back and sides with a fringe, look amazing on slim men, as it requires prominent facial features like a strong jawline and cheeckbones. This hairstyle is also great to hide a big forehead.
If a clients hairline goes too far back or his forehead is big, do not brush his hair back.
From time to time we will feature men’s hairstyle, from the classic to the modern.


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