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Split Ends and how to avoid it


Split Ends
Every one run the risk of split ends. It occurs when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle wears away because of stressors such as heat styling or chemical processes. Once the internal structure of the hair is exposed, it becomes weakened, dehydrated and damaged, causing ends to split.
The most important thing to realise is the only sollution for split ends is to cut them. If it is not time to go to the salon yet, you need to use a split end mender or sealer. Ignored split ends will split further, weakening the hair and it will eventually break off. One of the best split end menders to use is propably Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost. It is a leave in conditioner that not only mends split ends, but conditions your hair, leaving it smooth, healthy looking and shiny.
How to Avoid Split Ends
1.  Cut your hair at least every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair type and the health of your hair. It will take longer to grow out your hair, but your hair will be healthier and thicker.  If you do not cut every 4-6 weeks, the ends might look weak and thin.
2.  Wash your hair no more than 3 times a week – and then only shampoo your scalp and hair nearest to it. Leave rest of your hair down, the shampoo that runs down your strands, should be enough to clean it. Too much washing removes healthy oils, leaving hair vulnerable to damage. Avoid shampoos with sulphates. The perfect shampoo to use is SO (Salon Only), the whole range is sulphate and paraben free. Keratin proteins revives and restructures hair from within, restoring smoothness, elasticity, health and shine like never before.  Awapuhi Wild Ginger from Paul Mitchell is also an amazing product to use to keep your tresses in amazing condition.
3.  Never use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water also strips away protective oils. Wash and rinse hair with the coolest water possible.
4.  After shampooing apply conditioner to the whole length of your hair. Leave it in for at least 3 minutes before you rinse it out. .
5.  Never vigirously rub your hair when you towel dry your hair. Rather squeeze dripping wet hair with a towel to remove excess water. Let your hair dry naturally or use the lowest setting on your hairdryer if you have to use a dryer.
6.  Deep Condition your hair regularly. The perfect deep conditioner is the Niophlex maintainer, if your hair is chemically treated. If you use Tigi conditioners and you leave it on for more than 3 minutes, it becomes a treatment. With Tigi your hair will only absorbes what it needs, leaving hair healthy and soft.
7.  When combing your hair use a wide tooth comb, or comb your hair with your fingers. Gently detangle hair, using a Desata detangling brush to make sure your hair does not break or get weakened. You can also mix a little of SO Blown Blow Dry Lotion and mix it with SO Leave in Treatment, and gently work it into your hair to stop tangles.
8.  When putting your hair in a pony, use a Eezi Bobble. It’s unique telephone cord design  will not break hair, leave any elastic marks or give you headaches.
9.  Use oil for protection. Lubricate the shaft to prevent the hairs from splitting. Apply from the mid length downward, then comb it in. Applying oil to the roots can weigh hair down or cause a buildup of dandruff and damage the roots. An amazing oil to use is the new Paul Mitchell Marula Oil which is being launched in the Garden Route towards the end of October 2015.  It will reduce the occurance of split ends by up to 80%.
10.  Only use professional heat styling tool like BabylissPro.  BabylissPro Ionic dryers place moisture back in your hair, leaving hair shiny and healthy. The heat of the BabylissPro straightners are regulated and adjustable, ensureing it does not burn your hair. Titanium blades covered with Onix, gives hair extra shine, leave it straight for longer and will also protect your hair from damage.

Hairloss in women: The facts and possible sollutions


Hairloss in women It is estimated that about 60% of women experience hairloss at some time in their life. Contrary to popular belief, hairloss is not always something that is hereditary, but especially in women, a sign of something else that is wrong in your body. Hair loss can start at any stage of your life. Sometimes as early as 20, sometimes later. On average we have 100 000 – 150 000 hairs on our head and we loose up to 100 of them daily. When we wash hair, we can loose up to 250 hairs a day. How do we know we have a hairloss problem? There might be more hair on the pillow when you wake up. Or when you comb your hair without tugging, there are more hair than normal in the comb. The best way to think of hair growth is to compare a hair with a plant. How well it grows, depend on what is happening underground. How well a hair is growing dependent on what is happening in the scalp and the follicle. Hair grows from the folicle underneath the skin and is fed by blood vessels at the base of the follicle which give it the nourishment it needs to keep your hair healthy. If the follicle is not healthy and does not supply the hair with the nourishment it needs to stay healthy, your hair will fall out or start thinning. Fighting hairloss should really start with restoring your follicle to health. A really amazing way to keep you scalp and follicle healthy, is frequent use with Mediceuticals Hair, scalp and skin sollutions.

The Growth Cycle – From when the hair start to grow, till when it falls out, it pass through 4 growth stages. (or 3 depending who you talk to)

  • – Growing Phase – Last 2-7 years and determines the length of your hair. As we get older, the length of the growing phase decreases.
  • – Transition Phase – This phase last about 10 days. The hair follicle shrinks and detach from the dermal papilla.
  • – Resting Phase – This phase last about 3 months. The old hair is slowly moving up the follicle, while a new hair starts to form. About 10-15% of all hair is in this phase.
  • – New Hair phase – The old hair sheds and the new hair continues to grow. Hairloss is when a hair is lost, but not replaced.

The causes of Hairloss

Some reasons our hair thins is self inflicted, like too tight braids, dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushers, heat styling and too aggressive towel drying, but most of these can be reversed.

  • Dihydrotestorerone (DHT) – It is a derrivative of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone converts to DHT with the aid of an enzyme, Type II5-alpha, which is held in the follicle’s glands. The enzyme, binds with the testosterone, shrinking hair follicles, making it impossible for the hair to survive. This happens in both men and women. Even a small change in the equilibrium of testosterone in a woman (still within the normal range), can lead to the formation of DHT, leading to hairloss.
  • Surgery – 2-3 months after surgery or a major illness, some patients may experience excessive hairloss, but it is usually only temporary.
  • Medication – Certain drugs can have unwanted side effects like hairloss, excessive hair growth, changes in hair color or texture. Some of the following medications may cause hairloss: blood thinners, birth control , anti-depressants and chemotherapy. Within 2-4 months after starting to take the drug, the hair goes into the resting phase and start shedding. Chemotherapy usually prevents hair to divide naturally and producing new hair. The good news is that in most cases it is reversable once you stop taking the drugs.
  • Hormones – Changes in hormonal levels, like child birth, puberty, menopause and the pill can disrupt normal hair growth. Once hormones return to normal, hair will start growing again normally. Hormones works best when they are delicatly in balance, but when out of balance only a fraction, DHT may form. Men’s testorne level drop approx 10% every decade after 30, while women’s decline as they age, but drop sharply during menopause and beyond, disturbing the delicate hormonal balance.
  • Disease – Hairloss can be the early signs of disease and is often found in diabetes, overactive thyroid and lupus. When you find out you are loosing more hair than usual, visit your GP, to make sure there is nothing wrong with your health.
  • Lack of vitamins – Deficiency in iron, copper, zinc and follic and a lack of certain vitamins, like A, B and C vitamins can cause hairloss. If you think you might not get all the vitamins you need, take a good supplement and defenitely stock up on Mediceuticals HairGain.
  • Androgenic Alopecia – This is the most common form of hairloss in men, starting any time after puberty. Typically this type of hairloss start at the crown and the temples and slowly expands. Generally the hair on the sides and the back does not fall off. For women this kind of hairloss usually start during menopause. A decline in estrogen hormones, expose the hair follicles to androgen which slowly degrades the hair follicle. Women normally see a decrease in hair density but rarely become bald.
  • Stress – The more stress we are under, the more adrenaline our adrenal gland produces. This leads to an increase in the production of testoserone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) forms, causing hairloss.
  • Smoking – It can cause poor circulation, which in turn can limirt the amount of blood flowing to the follicles of the scalp, which may lead to thinning hair or hair loss.
  • Alopecia Areata – Can cause patchy hairloss, usually on the scalp, but it can affect all hair covered areas, such as beards or eyebrow areas, it can progress to complete baldness. Finding short, broken hairs are a dead give-away of this condition. This condition affect both males and females, and most often children or young adults. It seem to be cause by the body’s own immune system attacking the hair folicles and disrupting normal hair formation. Alopecia Areata is sometimes associated with allergic disorders, thyroid disease, vitiligo, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and may also be hereditary. Hair may grow back within a year, but the longer the period of hairloss, the less chance of regrowth. Age – As we age, our hair follicles can get smaller, which means our hair gets thinner. With all the changes in a more mature women’s body, it might also cause an increase in DHT, which leads to hairloss.

The Sollution

Remember everybody’s body is diffirent. What will work for one person, might nog work for the next.

Certainly one of the best ways to combat hairloss it to live a healthy lifestyle and to make sure when hairloss start, there is no physical reason for it. Make sure your diet is balanced and take those vitamins. But it propably will not be enough.

Step two is purchasing Mediceuticals from your hairsalon. The Mediceuticals motto is “Beautiful hair starts with the scalp.” The mediceuticals solution is a 3 step system consisting of of a shampoo, conditioner and hair follicle stimulator. All 3 products need to be used together for optimal results. The following is the products to use for mild hairloss in women and it is marked with a pink cross.

  • 1 For normal hair use Folligen and for dry hair and scalp, use Saturate. Both of these shampoos containsTriaminoccoptinol which inhibits DHT, which is the primary cause of female hairloss, stimulates new hair growth and increase the number of growth hairs. It is gentle cleansing and protect hair color from fading and UV damage.
  • 2 Vitanin is a moisturising conditioner, rehydrates hair, increases body, increase shine and protect against UV.
  • 3 Lastly there is the follicle stimulator called Cellagen. It reduces excessive hairloss, stimulate new growth, activate nutrient uptake in the follicle and strengthen the follicle.

Women should also consider taking HairGain for women. It helps prevent hairloss by providing an abundance of materials required to stimulate the growth of new hair, increase hair resistance to injury and block DHT formation.

For male hairloss and excessive hairloss in women, use the products with the yellow cross. Shampoos are called Bioclenz for normal hair and scalp, Hydroclenz for dry hair and scalp, Vitanin is the conditioner and Numinox is the follicle and scalp stimulator. Men can use Hairgain for Men to improve thinning hair, dry and brittle hair, receding hairline and poor hair density.

Mediceutical will not stop hair from falling out if you are going through chemotherapy, but it will keep the follicle in tip top condition, so hair grows back faster once the chemo is done. For thinning hair, go slow with the heat styling, chemical processes, do not over brush or over wash it.

Mediceuticals also have a variety of styling products which could be used on thinning hair, to keep your hair beautiful, healthy and shiny. All the styling products will not weigh your hair down and they are sulphate and alcohol free.

Mediceuticals supports Cancer Research Initiatives and is dedicating to finding new and inovative ways to fight cancer. A portion of product sales is used to further Breast Cancer Research at the Winship Cancer Institure at the Emory University.

The Funky Man


More and more men are breaking from the crowd, experementing with their own personal style, color, products and style their hair in diffrent ways. The king of male grooming, is propably David Beckham. He made it cool to experiment and to be diffirent, but still be stylish.
Propably the most important is that your client needs to feel comfortable with his style. All of the following styles has been chosen so the stylist can use a combination to create something truly unique.

1. Lucky Blue Smith
This young man is litterally everywhere these days, in adverts, magazines and the runways. What really makes him stand out from the crowd is his white locks. That haircolor is the reason why he is featured on our blog. Not only are men not afraid to break boundaries with their hairstyles, but they go bold with color. Mr modern man use the full array of beauty products to their max, not only hair product like in the old days, but also styling aids like straightners, blow dryers, curling irons and they love to experiment with colors.
With Niophlex, even men with dark hair can get that platinum blonde look without damage to their locks. Niophlex is added to your chemical processes in three stages. The first stage (bonder) creates new bonds, protecting the hair’s inner structure and improves strength and elasticity. The second step is adding an enhancer, which is a nourishing cream combining with the bonds providing moisture and care. The last step is the Maintainer, which can be used at the salon and at home, softening and strenthening the hair, aidsing flexibility and high shine. For more info look on this website under Hair Care, Niophlex.
When you are blonde, bleaching once should be enough to get you to platinum. For clients that are darker, you should do it at least twice. Paul MItchel have bleaches that range from 5 to 40 volume, while Aquerly start at a 10 volume to 40. Bleaching works best on dirty hair. The natural oils on dirty hair, lessen the stinging on the scalp. The color end color you are looking for is a very pale yellow. Also remember, the color of hair change as it dries out or gets blow dried. Wet hair is darker than dry hair.
Remember to retail your client a purple shampoo, like the Biosense silver shampoo. The purple will help neutralize the yellow and give hair that sparkly effect. Do not wait too long to touch up the roots, because then it is really difficult to get the same color and you might end up seeing lines in the hair.

2. The Pompadour
Elvis made this cut a classic in the 50s. Not only is it versatile, but it also suits many faces shapes and types of hair. Brought into the modern age by David Beckham, it has also been worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Zak Efron, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.
When cutting the classic style, the sides and back still need to be clippered, but not too short to expose too much scalp. Tapering around the edges strenthens the overall shape of the haircut, perfect for men with a long beard or who want to emphasis their masculine appeal.
For a more modern cut, clipper the sides with a grade one. Also consider a skin fade, no grade on the clipper, where the base of the haircut begins. Clipper the hair really hight into the curve of the head, keeping more length through the top section.
It is really important to keep the right balance for your client’s face. A client with a rounder face take the sides tighter and more volume on top will help elongate features. A narrow face, keep more length on sides and top slicker and closer to your head.
In the next few weeks, there is some very exciting Babyliss Clippers launching, so keep an eye on our website and our facebook.
Use Bed Hed for Men, Pure Texture to create the look. If you want a glossier look, use Mitch Pommade. When working with strong hold products always start with a little bit, you can rather add more, because if you use too much hair can seem greasy. For extra volume, use your Parlux Hairdryer and push the hair with you fingers into the direction you want the volume. Keep the style in shape with hairspray especially if the top has a lot of length. A really good option is Mediceuticals DRI Aerosol Hairspray, because it is waterless and would not weigh the hair down.

3. Taper Fade
The taper fade is propably one of the hottest hairstyles of 2015. In this version of the undercut, the hair transition to very short or skin. There are various names for the taper fade, depending on who you talk to, the skin fade, bald fade, razor fade or the blurry fade.
The stylist that can do the fade, need mad clipper skills. The results might look easy, but it is quite tricky to clipper. A comb over haircut goes perfect with a taper fade. The top can be long or short, usually combed up, using a product to make hair shiny like Mitch Barber’s Classic. The perfect accompanyment with the taperfade is a hair tatoo.
The high fade tapers down from around the temples, the low fade starts around the ears. The only limitation with this hairstyle, is your imgination. It can also very successfully be combined with a beard.

4. Faux Hawk
Another hairstyle worn by David Beckham, but also sported by the likes of Bradd Pitt, Zack Efron, MIchael Buble and Christiano Renaldo. A great hairstyle for men with thick, coarse hair. The Faux Hawk can be cut in layers, which reduce the weight of the hair, making it easier to style. It can also be styled by using styling products like Tigi Bed Head Texurising Paste.
The cut is longer at the center of the head, shorter at the sides to create a peak. From there the name faux hawk (false mohawk).
A more modern version is to style it forward with a forward fringe. The big advantage of a faux Hawk is flattering to most face shapes and it is easy to style.
5. Hair tatoos
Humans love to use their bodies as a work of art, including the hair. More men (and women), are opting for hair tatoos, which is making patterns on the head using the hair. The coolest thing about hair tatoos, is that when your hair grow longer you can change your tatoo to something else. Tatoos can be done anywhere on the head, the hair just need to be short enough. Most tatoos can also be an accompanyment to most modern styles like the taper fade or the short back and sides.
Hair tatoos can be a unique style statement for men from any age. Patterns range from very intricate, to the very simple, logos and there is even examples of faces. A tatoo that covers all of your head would surely draw attention, while a statement can be made with a discreet tatoo. The very creative also color in the tatoos with facepaint or makeup.
If you want to know more about hair tatoos, SO, Sharplines and BabylissPro are holding an international Conference in PE on 30 September 2015 with the clipper wizard Dennis Joseph who specialise in hair tatoo. Tickets are R250 and available at the TPO George. If you are interested speak to Marius, Neal or Herchell. Babyliss Pro clippers available at the TPO George as well.

6. Short back and sides
This basic haircut is what most of the modern hairstyles have in common. It is reminiscent of the 50s, traditionally more preppy, but modern stylist have adapted the style by playing with the length on top and the styling. Short back and sides, slicked back with a glossy product like Mitch Barber’s Classic is very trendy this year.A lot of the trendiest styles of the season can be pulled off with the right styling products if a clients has a short back and sides cut.
Short back and sides with a fringe, look amazing on slim men, as it requires prominent facial features like a strong jawline and cheeckbones. This hairstyle is also great to hide a big forehead.
If a clients hairline goes too far back or his forehead is big, do not brush his hair back.
From time to time we will feature men’s hairstyle, from the classic to the modern.


Embracing age - How the stylist can make clients look younger


Gone are the days of the purple rinse. The anti-aging industry is booming. Anti-wrinkle creams, masks and eye creams are becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. And your clients are looking to you to make them look younger for longer.
Without spending thousands of rands on plastic surgery or botox, your client can look years younger by the time she walks out of your salon. Just with the right hair cut and using the right products.
1. Get the color right
Always enhance skintone and eye color. If your client’s skin is pale, choose a shade that has a bit of gold, copper or red in. For a red skin, choose a cool shade or a ash blonde to calm the skin down. Enhance the eyes, by choosing a hair color a shade or two darker than their eyes. If the hair color is lighter than the eyes, it tend to accentuate wrinkles and dark colors around the eyes.  Women’s skin change when they get older.   So you have to adapt your client’s hair color with the changes in her skin tone.
When you are young, you can choose a bold color. As we get older bold colors tend to make our hair look thinner and women older. When adding color, try and keep it as natural as possible.  Naturals is exactly that, while fashion colors will give away that you are trying to cover gray.
Lots of women falsely belief it is easier to hide roots if you go blonde. Too blonde, will emphesise wrinkles and dark circles on the face. Choose the medium blondes, like a Aquerly or The Color nr 8 and lighten the ends to lift her hair away from the face.
Propably the biggest color mistake anybody can make is to try and be somebody else. Give your client what suits them, otherwise it can become a constant battle to keep the locks looking good.
2. Bangs
Bangs are just as good as Botox in disguising forehead wrinkles. They make hair appear fuller and take attention away from thinning hair. Thick, soft beveled bangs are girlish and feminine. Also try a long sideswept fringe, which can erases years and create movement.
3. Texture, Texture, Texture
An older women’s haircut should be age defying, not ageing and you can achieve that with layers and texture. Without layers hair does not move and seem stiff, which can be ageing. Layers should always be delicate and face framing, softening a woman’s appearance, while blunt cuts can adds years. The ends need to be cut every 4-6 weeks and maintained properly to give hair that youthful appearance. An amazing product to use to keep hair young and healthy is Awapuhi Wild Ginger, especially the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturising Lather Shampoo and the Keratin Cream Rinse.
Slicked back hair puts every line on display. A parting in the middle of the head can make women look old and severe. Put the parting on the side and zig-zag it for a more youthful look. Not only is the zig-zag more modern, but it also hides grown out roots. A messy bun or pony, will also deduct years from your client.

4. Embrace your Texture
Use the natural style and texture of your client’s hair. If it is curly, wear it no longer than shoulder-length. If it is longer, it tends to balloon around your head, which piles on the years. To fight the frizz, use Paul Mitchell Curls, it does not only include a shampoo and conditioner, but also Full-Circle Leave in Treatment, that hydrates and detangles, Ultimate Wave that seperates and add texture and Twirl Around that leaves curls soft, bouncy and frizz free.
Curls and Layering will make thin hair look thicker. Put texture in hair, by using a shampoo and conditioner that does not weigh you hair down, like Tigi Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. If you heat style your hair, apply SO Hot to protect your hair. A simple trick to remember is to flip hair upside down and spray with a hairspray like SO Superhold Styling Lacquer. Flip hair up again and use fingers to straighten.
5. Gloss
Hair looks healthy and younger when it is shiny. It reflects light, creating natural highlights and making the face appear radiant. Glossy Hair is a symbol of youth and vitality.
Especially in winter, heat is the enemy of shiny hair. When showering, turn the water lower and if you can, rinse your hair in cold water.
Contrary to popular belief, shampooing your hair frequently, will not rob hair of shine. The secret is to pick the right product to use. Awapuhi Wild Ginger has brought out the MirrorSmooth Kit, which not only give your hair twice the shine, but transform lacklustre locks, into soft frizz-free strands with a MirrorSmooth finish. To get results, the Shampoo, Conditioner and High Gloss Primer must be used together.
6. Embrace who your client are
We cannot emphesise this enough, but for a hairstyle to work, the woman needs to stay true to who she is. She needs to embrace her age and not try to look 21, because that will accentuate her age.
If she is comfortable with her age and who she is, it will show and she would look more youthful and confident.  As a stylist we can try the best we can, but if a woman is not confident in her own skin, there is nothing we can do.

The Way Forward


The TPO George has new owners. Marius and Neal has taken over on the 1st of June. Marius a hairdresser will be the rep in the area. During the last 30 years, he owned 14 salons and is still a partner in a salon in Melkbos Strand. Neal is a photographer by trade and will run the TPO in Meade Street with Herchell.
Our area stretch from Keurboomstrand to Riversdal, Lainsburg and Beaufort West to Oudshoorn and Uniondale and all places in between. Our ultimate goal is to visit our whole area on a more frequent basis.
We have listened to your feedback and nearly doubled our stocklevels in the last 2 weeks. If there is any product you would like us to stock , please let us know. Our aim is to give our customers the best service possible and to stock whatever you need, without having to wait while we order it.
We believe we can only be successful, if our salons are successful. Our long term plans include cutting courses, product knowledge and even business orientated courses.  We are planning to do product knowledge on Tigi from 13-15 July 2015.  Keep an eye on facebook for more info.  Contact us if you would like us to come and see you about any product we stock.
We have spend a lot of time and effort to create a facebook page and a website with a blog to keep you, the hairdresser, ahead of new trends. Like our facebook page (TPO George) and come back to for a new blog post every Friday. The website is still a work in progress as we continiously add products.
A few exciting launches is happening in the next few weeks. We are stocking furniture since this week. Remember the furniture on display is only that, display only.  We still need to order what you need from Johannesburg and it will take a few days to get here.
We are in the process of getting the license for Moroccanoil. According to the licensing agreement we would not be able to supply Moroccanoil to salons in Knysna and Plett, only to the rest of our area.
Nioplex is launching this week. We will send out more information about this product via email, our facebook and on the website. Niophlex is an amazing product, a protecting and strengthening treatment for all chemical processes.
Awapuhi Ginger and Moroccanoil is also launching new products, keep an eye on our website and facebook for these.
When in George, come and visit us at the TPO, 88 Meade Street, just down the road from the Woolworths. With his experience as a salon owner, feel free to contact Marius with whatever problems you have, whether it is color or product related. For orders call Herchell on 044 873 4120 or email her on

Things I wish my clients knew


Those darn celebrities
Most clients get their inspiration from instagram, facebook, pinterest, red carpets and runways. It is no surprise when a client sit in your chair, pulls out her ipad and show you the look she wants.
Stylist should love it when that happens, because it gives you an idea of what the client has in mind. But 90% of the time, your client does not have realistic expectations. Just because Rihanna can pull off that look, does not mean everybody can. Celebrities choose a look because it will enhance their best features. A hairstyle for the runway, a fashion spread or the red carped, is only part of the package. The hair, the clothes, the make-up and the accesories work together to create that look.
Just the best product is good enough for their celebrity tresses. No store bought product or box color. To get healthy, shiny hair, clients need to use professional products.
Having good hair can be expensive. Not every client can afford expensive brands like Paul Mitchell and Tigi, but for those on a budget, suggest SO or Biosense.
When choosing a hairstyle for your client, always be sure that it complements his or her best features. If you are not convince about the style, be honest. Tell her what you think she should do, and why and avoid dissapointment when the look does not suit her face. Remember a hairdresser should do more than just cut, tint and blowdry. You should dispense advice on how to bring out the best in her hair.

If you want to grow that hair, cut off the ends
Always trim your hair when you want to grow it out. When hair get left, it tend to split upwards, resulting in the locks eventually breaking and falling out. The longer you leave it, the thinner the bottom of your hair will look. Stylists understand this and when asked to cut off the ends, that is exactly what they will do. It needs to be done at least every two months. Hair might take longer to grow out, but it will be healthier in the long run.

You get what you pay for
Lots of women expect their stylist to be cheap, but do a world class job. Yes, you might pay cheap for a cut and color, but the product they use is inferior and the cut will propably come out uneven.
Hairdressing is an expensive business. The layout for a salon is astronomical, then you have to stock it with good quality products. (Salon Formula is an amazing product which can be used at the basin, the shampoo and the conditioner comes in economical 5liter bottles, available to salons at the TPO George).
Good salons plow money into training stylists, researching styles and techniques, knows what is trending and what is cutting edge. You might save money by going to a cheap salon, but it might cost you more in the long run to fix the damage they do.

To retail or not to retail

You will never get that red carpet look with none professional products.  Salon products keep colors vibrant for longer, hair healthy and shiny.  In the long run you would actually save money, because you need less professional product than you would of a store bought product.  Put a little shampoo in your hand, rub it together until it foams to activate and then lather your head.

Frequently store bought products only foam because of all the salt and chemicals that is pumped in.

What’s your story

Propably the most important thing any woman can do is to find a hairdresser she gets along with, who she feels comfortable with and can trust.  Your hairdresser get to know your hair, your color, your style, what you like and dislike.  For a lot of women, their relationship with their stylist is the longest they will ever have, frequently outlasting boyfriends and husbands.

When you go to a new hairdresser tell him the history of your hair.  Just like a GP visit, you need to be honest to get the best results.  Tell him or her if you had box color on your hair, do you have scalp issues, did you have chemical processes on your hair. If you are honest, the end result will be better.  That way they can recommend treatments and products better suited to your hair.

If you are not happy with your hair, get it fixed

When you do not like your hair after being to the salon, do not moan on facebook, twitter or over tea and scones with your friends.  Go back.  Be honest.  Explain what you do not like.  Unhappy customers are bad for business and a good hairdresser understand that.

Always remember, if the stylist has done what you asked for and the style does not suit your face, it is diffirent.  Then you cannot expect the stylist to fix it for free.  Listen to the advice of the stylist.  He or she has the knowledge and the experience and propably has done hundreds of cuts, tints and styles.

Be on time

A hairdresser’s time is money. When you book with a stylist, an appointment is made for how long it will take to do what you want done.  When you turn up late, the stylist run late and is under unnecessary pressure to make up time somewhere or run late with all other clients.

Respect your hairdresser’s time.   Be on time.  And never cancel.

Recommend a good hairdresser

When you love your new style, recommend your hairdresser to friends, on facebook wherever you can.  Hairdressers is one of the professions that relies heavily on word of mouth.  If you have an amazing hairdresser, spread the word.

The low bun, chic and stylish


When we think of a bun, we usually think of the topknot or a classic ballet bun. The low bun has had a major makeover, it is not old fashioned or boring anymore. Jennifer Lawrence wore it to the Oscars and if it is good enough for Dutchess Kate (Middleton), it is defenitely good enough for us mere mortals.

Use your imagination when styling low buns, add jewels, style it sleek and low, tuck and roll hair, use ombre for an old Hollywood elegance, loose and messy, combine it with braids or wear it on the side.

From the runway, to the red carpet, low buns have suddenly become chic and stylish. Seeming to be quite complex, it is very easy to create. The modern low bun is elegant and stylish.   It can be styled anywhere on the head, the side, middle, anywhere from the ear to the nape.

As you need less length than you need for a top knot, more clients can wear it. Low buns are more forgiving on a client with a larger forehead because it softens the hairline. It is the perfect disguise for a bad hair day, the messier the low bun, the better.

The following is how to make a basic bun.  Make a pony in the nape area with an EZ bubble to ensure there is no noticable marks.  Divide the pony in two or four, and turn it piece by piece around the eleastic until you get a bun and pin it.  Use a shine spray, like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny to give the hair extra shine.

Short and medium style for the modern professional woman


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This season, short to medium styles are very fashionable, fringes are short and textured, or long and swept. Another firm favourite is comb over fringes, where the fringe is combed over from the middle of the head, without a defenite parting.
Short or medium styles can be created by blow drying, scrunching and setting hair with Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt Quick Drying Glaze. Not only does it gives you shine and body, but it is not sticky. Some stylists might prever using a sculpting foam, then use Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, it control frizz, adds shine and balance moisture. To add texture to your style or to short fringes, use PM Wax Worx or Dry Wax.
Short funky styles, shaved away at sides are very hot this season. Wear it up and styled to the hilt for going out on the town, or wear it down, for a more professional soft look. Paul Mitchell ESP, can be used for multiple styles, spikes, twist, seperate or defined. It is highly concentrated, a little goes a long way.
Soft natural curl are also very hot this season. Whether you have medium or long locks, keep it femine with So Swell Sea Salt Spray. Spray it on wet hair, or diffuse it.

Natural Curls for a funky modern look


Last week Louis Vuitton showed his Cruise Collection at the Nicolas Ghesquire resort. Hairstyles were mostly easy waves crafted by Paul Hanlon, but the hottest look from that show seem to be flatiron-free natural looking curls.

No more ironing for hours to get those locks straight.  Rather do not be afraid to use your client’s own curls, with the help of a few amazing products to create a funky and modern look. Here is a few styling aids to get that look.:

Before styling, the color needs to be perfect and that is what you will get with Aquarely. Aquarely is a creme based Italian hair color with intense micro pigments, penetrating hair deeper resulting in  more durable, uniform and brilliant color. Available in salon economical 100 ml tubes, mixed 1:1,5 with developer. It comes in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume. This ultimate salon color, leaves less chemical damage and wheat proteins stengthens and ensure soft and smooth hair.

A diffuser will add shape and bounce to natural curls.  Diffusing hair will reduce frizz and add shine.   Any hair type could be diffused, but works best on hair with a natural curl.  Start by shampoo and conditioning hair with a professional shampoo and conditioner, made for the type of hair, like Awapuhi or SO.    Finish with cold water.   Blot hair to remove excess moisture and apply heat protection like SO Hot.  Apply a styling aid like Paul Mitchell Styling Mouse or Glaze.  Seperate hair into sections.   Let gravity helps you boost volume by  holding customer’s head upside down and work on one section at a time.  Set blow dryer on medium speed and medium heat, keeping speed consistent.   Keep fingers away from hair and let diffuser do the  work.  Hold diffuser at a 90 degree angle from head to help lift roots.  Use a circular motion to make sure hair is moving through all of the hair.

Bedhead Foxy Curl Contour Cream encourages and support soft natural curl formation while giving you optimal curl control. It eliminates frizz in any weather conditions and leaves your hair smooth and frizz free. Works really well on thick curls.

Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-in Treatment, hydrates, datangles and smoothes curls. It replenish your locks, tames frizz and helps against damages, leaving your curls more manageable. For the best results use with Paul Mitchell Curls Shampoo and Conditioners.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse controls curls, especially effective on curly and spiraled hair. It defines and provides optimal hold for hours, sealing in moisture and preventing frizz in any weather. Provides soft, smooth and natural texture without leaving a sticky residue.

To finish off that look, use Biosense Finish. Not only is this soft hold hairspray natural, but it can be used on wet or dry hair. Just brush out to restyle your locks.