Split Ends and how to avoid it


Split Ends
Every one run the risk of split ends. It occurs when the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle wears away because of stressors such as heat styling or chemical processes. Once the internal structure of the hair is exposed, it becomes weakened, dehydrated and damaged, causing ends to split.
The most important thing to realise is the only sollution for split ends is to cut them. If it is not time to go to the salon yet, you need to use a split end mender or sealer. Ignored split ends will split further, weakening the hair and it will eventually break off. One of the best split end menders to use is propably Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost. It is a leave in conditioner that not only mends split ends, but conditions your hair, leaving it smooth, healthy looking and shiny.
How to Avoid Split Ends
1.  Cut your hair at least every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair type and the health of your hair. It will take longer to grow out your hair, but your hair will be healthier and thicker.  If you do not cut every 4-6 weeks, the ends might look weak and thin.
2.  Wash your hair no more than 3 times a week – and then only shampoo your scalp and hair nearest to it. Leave rest of your hair down, the shampoo that runs down your strands, should be enough to clean it. Too much washing removes healthy oils, leaving hair vulnerable to damage. Avoid shampoos with sulphates. The perfect shampoo to use is SO (Salon Only), the whole range is sulphate and paraben free. Keratin proteins revives and restructures hair from within, restoring smoothness, elasticity, health and shine like never before.  Awapuhi Wild Ginger from Paul Mitchell is also an amazing product to use to keep your tresses in amazing condition.
3.  Never use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water also strips away protective oils. Wash and rinse hair with the coolest water possible.
4.  After shampooing apply conditioner to the whole length of your hair. Leave it in for at least 3 minutes before you rinse it out. .
5.  Never vigirously rub your hair when you towel dry your hair. Rather squeeze dripping wet hair with a towel to remove excess water. Let your hair dry naturally or use the lowest setting on your hairdryer if you have to use a dryer.
6.  Deep Condition your hair regularly. The perfect deep conditioner is the Niophlex maintainer, if your hair is chemically treated. If you use Tigi conditioners and you leave it on for more than 3 minutes, it becomes a treatment. With Tigi your hair will only absorbes what it needs, leaving hair healthy and soft.
7.  When combing your hair use a wide tooth comb, or comb your hair with your fingers. Gently detangle hair, using a Desata detangling brush to make sure your hair does not break or get weakened. You can also mix a little of SO Blown Blow Dry Lotion and mix it with SO Leave in Treatment, and gently work it into your hair to stop tangles.
8.  When putting your hair in a pony, use a Eezi Bobble. It’s unique telephone cord design  will not break hair, leave any elastic marks or give you headaches.
9.  Use oil for protection. Lubricate the shaft to prevent the hairs from splitting. Apply from the mid length downward, then comb it in. Applying oil to the roots can weigh hair down or cause a buildup of dandruff and damage the roots. An amazing oil to use is the new Paul Mitchell Marula Oil which is being launched in the Garden Route towards the end of October 2015.  It will reduce the occurance of split ends by up to 80%.
10.  Only use professional heat styling tool like BabylissPro.  BabylissPro Ionic dryers place moisture back in your hair, leaving hair shiny and healthy. The heat of the BabylissPro straightners are regulated and adjustable, ensureing it does not burn your hair. Titanium blades covered with Onix, gives hair extra shine, leave it straight for longer and will also protect your hair from damage.

Natural Curls for a funky modern look


Last week Louis Vuitton showed his Cruise Collection at the Nicolas Ghesquire resort. Hairstyles were mostly easy waves crafted by Paul Hanlon, but the hottest look from that show seem to be flatiron-free natural looking curls.

No more ironing for hours to get those locks straight.  Rather do not be afraid to use your client’s own curls, with the help of a few amazing products to create a funky and modern look. Here is a few styling aids to get that look.:

Before styling, the color needs to be perfect and that is what you will get with Aquarely. Aquarely is a creme based Italian hair color with intense micro pigments, penetrating hair deeper resulting in  more durable, uniform and brilliant color. Available in salon economical 100 ml tubes, mixed 1:1,5 with developer. It comes in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume. This ultimate salon color, leaves less chemical damage and wheat proteins stengthens and ensure soft and smooth hair.

A diffuser will add shape and bounce to natural curls.  Diffusing hair will reduce frizz and add shine.   Any hair type could be diffused, but works best on hair with a natural curl.  Start by shampoo and conditioning hair with a professional shampoo and conditioner, made for the type of hair, like Awapuhi or SO.    Finish with cold water.   Blot hair to remove excess moisture and apply heat protection like SO Hot.  Apply a styling aid like Paul Mitchell Styling Mouse or Glaze.  Seperate hair into sections.   Let gravity helps you boost volume by  holding customer’s head upside down and work on one section at a time.  Set blow dryer on medium speed and medium heat, keeping speed consistent.   Keep fingers away from hair and let diffuser do the  work.  Hold diffuser at a 90 degree angle from head to help lift roots.  Use a circular motion to make sure hair is moving through all of the hair.

Bedhead Foxy Curl Contour Cream encourages and support soft natural curl formation while giving you optimal curl control. It eliminates frizz in any weather conditions and leaves your hair smooth and frizz free. Works really well on thick curls.

Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-in Treatment, hydrates, datangles and smoothes curls. It replenish your locks, tames frizz and helps against damages, leaving your curls more manageable. For the best results use with Paul Mitchell Curls Shampoo and Conditioners.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse controls curls, especially effective on curly and spiraled hair. It defines and provides optimal hold for hours, sealing in moisture and preventing frizz in any weather. Provides soft, smooth and natural texture without leaving a sticky residue.

To finish off that look, use Biosense Finish. Not only is this soft hold hairspray natural, but it can be used on wet or dry hair. Just brush out to restyle your locks.