Paul Mitchell Extra Body – Lush. Full. Bouncy.

Daily Shampoo, Daily Rinse, Daily Boost, Firm Finishing Spray, Finishing Spray, Sculpting Foam, Thicken Up, Extra Body Sculpting Foam

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Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo – Gently cleansing, vulumizes, boost body, help repair damage, maximise shine, leaving hair silky smooth. For fine to normal hair.
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Rinse – Detangles, add volume, leaving hair full of body, bounce and shine. It also helps repair damage, prevent damage caused by blowdrying and styling, leaving hair silky smooth.
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost – Gives fine hair a boost of volume at the roots, protects and adds volume. Precision spryer deliver extra “oomph” right where you need it.
Paul Mitchell Extra-body Firm Finishing Spray – Provides all day hold, max volume, high shine, fullness and texture. Fights frizz in any climate
Paul Mitchell Exra-body Finishing Spray – Secures hard to hold hair, fights frizz, boost volume and adds shine, build body to make hair look and feel thicker, dries instantly without flacking or stickiness
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam – Creates lightweight body, add volume for fine hair, gives it flexible control, locking in moisture, leaving hair shiny. Preps hair for a full body blowout.
Paul Mitchell Thicken Up – This styling liquid makes thin hair looks and feels thicker, add shine, defenition and soft memory. Protects fine hair from UV, also strenthens hair.
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Gel – This thickening gel pumps up the volume and provides fexible hold for fine hair without stickiness or flaking, make hair shiny and manageable.