Paul Mitchell Flexible Style – Shiny. Workable. Versatile.

ESP, Slick Works, Spray Wax, Super Clean Spray, Hair Sculpting Lotion, Super Sculpt, Sculpting Foam, Re-Work, Fast Drying Sculpting Spray, Vulumising Spray and Wax Worx

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Paul Mitchell ESP – Flexable hold and can shape multiple styles like spike, twist, bend or define. More pliable and highly concentrated. (We do not stock it, but we can order it)
Paul Mitchell Spray Wax – Light aersol mist is easy to apply on all hair types and lengths. Creates bendable textures and delivers a pliable, satin finish.  (We do not stock it, but we can order it)
Paul Mitchell Hair Sculpting Lotion – Delivers medium hold, long-lasting memory and reactivates with heat or water for quick and easy restyling, controls static, smoothes surface of the hair and minimizes flyaways.
Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt – Provides Flexible control and long lasting memory, add body and maximising shine, add volume, dries fast.
Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam – This conditioning foam enhances texture, control frizz, adds shine, balances moisture. Creates gorgeous, crunch-free, defined curls.
Paul Mitchell Fast Drying Sculpting Spray – This medium-hold finishing spray, add body and shine to any style, reactive with heat or water.
Paul Mitchell Wax Works – Creates bold texture and definition, makes hair super shiny, strong enough for hair that is hard to control.  (We do not stock it, but we can order it)