Tigi Bed Head

On the Rebound, Extreme Curl Mousse, Foxy Curl Spray, Sugar Dust, Control Freak Spray

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Tigi Bed Head On the Rebound – Spring back collapsed and flattened curls after one scrunch, protect hair against humidity define curls and ringlets. Distribute evenly onto damp hair and diffuses or air dry for soft, defined curls.
Tigi Bed Head Curl Mousse – This curl mouse, maintains shape and style, smooth cuticles, conditions and softens. Shake well, spray mouse into palm, work mouse through hair and diffuse. To add more shine, cocktail with Glaze Haze.   Holdfactor 4-5
Tigi Foxy Curls Contour Cream – This contour cream, control curls and fight frizz, encourages and support curls, resist humidity, add shine. Smooth through towel-dried hair.  Holdfactor 2-3  

Tigi Sugar Dust – Sprinkle onto roots to absorb oil and give hair a root lift and texture.  Always use on dry hair.  Matte.

Tigi Bed Head Control Freak – Heat activated liquid foam that give strong defenition and texture, even to thin hair.     Use it smooth away frizz,