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Tigi Recharge Shampoo and  Conditioner, Elasticate Shampoo and Conditioner, Epic Volume and Conditioner

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Tigi Recharge Shampoo – Ideal to remove and cleanses hair build up, like sweat and product build up. Smoothes and adds shine. Maintain healthy hair and make hair shiny.
Tigi Recharge Conditioner – Replenishes and conditions hair. Adds body and add high reflective shine. Protects against UV and heat damage through styling make hair shiny.
Tigi Elasticate Shampoo – Strengthens and add texture, imporoves manageability and adds shine.
Tigi Elasticate Conditioner – Helps prevent damage, strengthens, conditions and softens, helps prepare hair for styling.
Tigi Epic Volume Shampoo – Light to moderate cleansing factor, improves strenth of damaged hair, help hair color from fading, add body & volume, sulphate free, boost volume.
Epic Volume Conditioner – Moderate conditioning factor, provides style memory, humidity resistant, smoothes hair without weight, helps protect color from fading, boost volume. Use with blow-dry lotion for extra body.

All the above is available at the TPO George in 250 ml for the Shampoo and 200ml for the Conditioner.  We can also order 750 ml in for you.