The low bun, chic and stylish

The low bun, chic and stylish

When we think of a bun, we usually think of the topknot or a classic ballet bun. The low bun has had a major makeover, it is not old fashioned or boring anymore. Jennifer Lawrence wore it to the Oscars and if it is good enough for Dutchess Kate (Middleton), it is defenitely good enough for us mere mortals.

Use your imagination when styling low buns, add jewels, style it sleek and low, tuck and roll hair, use ombre for an old Hollywood elegance, loose and messy, combine it with braids or wear it on the side.

From the runway, to the red carpet, low buns have suddenly become chic and stylish. Seeming to be quite complex, it is very easy to create. The modern low bun is elegant and stylish.   It can be styled anywhere on the head, the side, middle, anywhere from the ear to the nape.

As you need less length than you need for a top knot, more clients can wear it. Low buns are more forgiving on a client with a larger forehead because it softens the hairline. It is the perfect disguise for a bad hair day, the messier the low bun, the better.

The following is how to make a basic bun.  Make a pony in the nape area with an EZ bubble to ensure there is no noticable marks.  Divide the pony in two or four, and turn it piece by piece around the eleastic until you get a bun and pin it.  Use a shine spray, like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny to give the hair extra shine.

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