Biosense Finish Mist, Shine, Lacquer, Serum and Gel Wax

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Biosense Finish Mist – This light hairspray is natural, residue free, have soft hold and can be used on wet or dry hair. To restyle, just brush out and style.
Biosense Finish Shine – Final finish for brilliant, long lasting shine. Spray from 15-20 cm away and allow to settle.
Biosense Finish Laquer – This strong hold hairspray will ensure long lasting hold and shine. To restyle, just brush out and restyle. Perfect for up styles and tie backs.
Biosense Finish Serum – This serum seals split ends, controls static and flyaways resulting in a smooth silky finish with awesome shine. Warm a small amount between the palms of your hands and work through mindlengths and ends
Biosense Finish Gel Wax – This medium hold styling aid looks like a gel, but finish off like a wax, still allows movement. Apply to wet hair for a wet look and to dry hair for a wax look.